The term cure is a slang word that is applies to the process of conditioning or cycling live rock (LR) for use in a saltwater aquarium. Cured means that it is live rock that has already been conditioned and is stable to use right away in an aquarium with minimal concern under certain guidelines.

Another term often used in reference to cured live rock is seeded, as well as precured, fully cured or cycled. When you see live rock labeled as fresh, uncured or unseeded this means it is NOT cured and it shouldn’t be placed directly into a main aquarium until you cure it.

When it comes to transhipped labeling this usually means it is not cured, but in some cases a supplier may ship it in and precure it first, or may offer both types of transhipped rock for sale.Now that you have a better understanding of what curing means, why it may be necessary to cure live rock and how to identify different types by the names given it, before going into the process of how to cure live rock there are some very important Guidelines that one should follow when working with any type of live rock.

These Guidelines can help to make your venture into keeping live rock a more successful and productive one, and should be read before jumping in.